Thanks to...

Andy Matuschak for his excellent update framework Sparkle.

Arne Harren for both his vigorous betatesting and his LibComponentLogging trace framework which does what NSLog() does only much better :)

The people around sqlite for building Sqlite. I have done a number of projects with Sqlite and I just love it. In the BirthdayScanner, it drives part of the backend code.

Apple for making XCode 3.x much more usable than XCode 2.x ...

Panic Software for making Coda which just plain rocks. I'm using it right now, for this page.

The Localizers:

Raúl Moratalla Guillén for the spanish localization of BirthdayScanner X.

Vincenzo Boiano (vinboisoft) for the italian localization of BirthdayScanner X.

Michel Piquemal for the french localization of BirthdayScanner X.

Eric van der Veldt for the dutch localization of BirthdayScanner X.

But most importantly: all the many people who did send feedback and encouraging mails over all the years. Thank you. Without all that feedback, I would have long lost my interest in this project by now.