2014-08-10: Please note that right now I am unable to continue work on the BirthdayScanner X. This is due to time constraints and not lack of interest.
I may take up the work in the future - that is unless Apple implements birthday reminders correctly in iCal, which would make the whole point moot.

Therefore I also won't accept donations for the time being. Thank you all for your support!

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BirthdayScanner X is a powerful birthday reminder for Mac OS X. It finds birthdays and anniversaries in your Address Book and adds reminders for them to your Calendar. It smoothly integrates with Address Book and iCal and many other calendar applications.

BirthdayScanner X finds all your birthdays and anniversaries
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How does it work?

It scans the Address Book for all birthdays, wedding days and other anniversaries it can find...

Scans the Mac OS X Adress Book

... presents you with all anniversaries it found, contacts it didn't find anniversaries for, and a lot of options to play with...

Gives you many options

... generates events for your anniversaries directly in iCal ...

Import birthdays directly to Mac OS X iCal

... your iPhone (via normal synchronization - no special iPhone-software required) ...

Import birthdays to your iPhone.

... Microsoft Outlook, Sunbird, Google Calendar - via iCalendar export ...

Import birthdays to Outlook, Sunbird, Google Calendar via iCalendar files

... Rinse, Repeat... - you can repeat this process whenever you add or change an anniversary in Address Book. BirthdayScanner X knows which anniversaries it already imported. It will prevent duplicates.

Repeat this process as often as you want

Check out full the Feature List...