How do I remove all imported anniversaries from an iCal calendar without removing other events

You imported to iCal into an existing calendar (e.g. your Home calendar), and now you have a mix of anniversaries and other events.

You want to get rid of the anniversaries without without removing your other events. You do not want to do this manually.

  1. Open iCal and select the calendar
  2. In the Search Field in the upper right corner of iCal, enter the search term zencat (1). Now you have listed all BirthdayScanner X events - and just them - in the lower pane (2).

    How to remove BirthdayScanner X events from a calendar (Click to enlarge)
    Click to enlarge
  3. In the lower pane (2), select all found events (scroll up, select the first, scroll down, Shift-select the last).
  4. Delete them (Menu: Edit->Delete).

Note that you may have to repeat that whole process (including step 2, by re-entering the search term) multiple times. iCal seems to be a bit buggy and only deletes parts of the selection.